Controlled Parking System

The smartest and most complete parking solution,
fully adaptable to the requirements of any city!

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ParkPal's 3 pillars

We focus on optimizing their experience


ResidentsSimple request and acquisition of resident permit


VisitorsFind a parking space and pay easily


MunicipalitySimple management, effective enforcement and efficient data analytics



Residents parking

We assure the best experience for the city residents



Visitors parking

Multiple ways of parking payment

Mobile app

The ParkPal app, available for Android and iOS devices, offers a great experience to the visitors of the city since they can quickly and easily find a parking space, pay, extend and eventually stop their parking session getting charged for exactly as many minutes as they were parked.

Scan & Pay

The city visitor can simply scan the QR code on the sign close to the parking space and simply pay for parking!


Easy payment in multiple stores around the city by simple mentioning the license plate number, location code and duration. No need to go back to car to leave the receipt!

Pay & Display machines

For the drivers who prefer the traditional way for parking payment!


Parking payment by SMS for drivers that don't own a smart device.




Management & Data Analytics

Effective Enforcement

One of the most critical factors for a successful Controlled Parking System

Immediate parking right check

The parking right appears immediately after scanning the vehicle's license plate

Fast ticket printing

In case of no parking right, the ticket is printed within seconds

Images / Remarks

Attach images or remarks in an issued ticket

Optimized routing

Analyzed data invoke suggestions for locations that need to be enforced

Complete supervision LIVE

Control Center for real time supervision of all enforcement data

Enforcement scooter

Quick parking right check of parking locations and data collection for analysis

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